Thursday, September 12, 2002

Well, I am entering the world of the weblog. And yes, I will use the word weblog because I really hate "blog". Call me old-fashioned. Call me irresponsible. Tell me I'm unreliable. Throw in undependable too. Cause I'm irresponsibly mad for you.

We will see what gets published. Since it is public, I will attempt to write things that are of slight interest to the public. Things of great interest will not be allowed.

I apologize that the weblog will be off to a slow start. I am heading on vacation for a couple weeks and will not have access to the internet. But hopefully it will be of some moderate use in the future to my biographer. (The last is a reference to John Adams who mentions that his diary may be of use to his biographer - while he was still in his 20s as a teacher.)

Let's see how this post and publish works!