Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Wow. What a great vacation. It is now August of the next year since I wrote my first and only message. I am stunned - stunned - that I have not received fan mail of beautiful men and women dying to speak with a person with such a fascinating life as myself. Stunned!

Of course, one must question the motive of the old weblog. OK, strictly speaking, it is the motive of the weblogger, not the weblog itself. But at heart a weblog is someone's attempt to get attention. The old "look at me!" syndrome. But I am sure there are a million articles out there already about the merits and pitfalls of the weblog, so I won't continue.

Last night I participated in my first Chamber of Commerce event, as a rep of the arts center. Interesting affair. I am a lousy schmoozer (shmoozer?), so it took me some time to get going, but I had a cohort who had no issues with reticence. It was quite beneficial, so it was worth overcoming shyness. But it's basically a sales event. Everyone shared their business cards and tried to make some money. I can't complain, because that's why I was there too - to drum up support from the business community for a non-profit arts center. However, I must say that there must be some sort of secret parking that I wasn't informed of, because I had to park at the public park, to be confusing enough, a couple blocks away and walk in, but no one else seemed to need to do that. What gives?

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