Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I just discovered today that there will be a real big-budget Narnia movie coming out in December. I watched the trailer with very mixed, very strong emotions. Here is the link: movie

Narnia was one of my favorite books growing up. I have read the entire series several times, and it is fair to say they have shaped the person I am. In fact, I am something of a C.S. Lewis fan. Read much of his Christian apologetics and philosophy, his essay on criticism, science fiction trilogy, and especially, oh especially his stand-alone novel, Till we Have Faces which is a top 5 novel in my life period. Anyway, I was very happy to see the trailer with the movies being done seriously. Like tears in my eyes as Lucy reaches for the wardrobe. In book 4, Jill and Eustace open a door to run away from some bullies and suddenly tumble into Narnia. I think it is only recently that I stopped wondering some times what would be behind a strange door. If perhaps this time....

On the negative side of things, these movies seem to be a huge mushing of Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter. It is hard to describe until you see the clip. Nut the influences are huge in the style of movie-making, and it makes me worry that the movie will be rather derivative.

But then at least they are doing it and taking the money at least to do it right. I will be their day one, and we will see.
In some ways people should not expect too much. I mean these are childrens books. They are not the works of adult myth making that Rings is, and they were never meant to be. They were jotted off in a few years, and Lewis borrowed so directly from existing mythology that literally Father Christmas shows up. But at the same time that is sort of their charm. Kind of like something a child would imagine, and yet the moral meat is so much more. And that is always what Lewis was best at - a sort of direct, honest morality that made u think, even if you did not agree.

I will end this by recommending Till We Have Faces to any and all. It is a retelling of the Cupid Psyche myth and so much more. In the end, it is a reflection on the nature of divinity and humankind's relationship therein. It is a more mature Lewis. This is most obvious in his treatment of women in here, which is a world more developed or nuanced than in many of his earlier works.

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