Monday, May 16, 2005

Puffy Amiyumi

OK, I have a confession to make. I like pop music again. I can't deny it any longer, and it has to do with - with - Puffy Amiyumi! OK, I got it out.


Now that I've said it, it doesnt feel so burdensome anymore. So who or what is Puffy Amiyumi? Well, they are indeed my new guilty pleasure. They are a Japanese singing duo, which if you believe them were the biggest thing since sliced bread. Or maybe fried gyoza. Would you take sashimi? Anyway, they made their way here through cartoons. You may have heard them singing the Teen Titans theme song - T E E N T-I-T A-N-S! Teen Titans! Let's go! - or maybe on their own cartoon show Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi. I've never seen their own cartoon, but I learned of them through it, trying to find something for Brannon one day. Here you are - a link Puffy at Cartoon Network Be sure to check out the Teen Titans theme, as well as the K2G song in the Concert section. But dont check out Planet Tokyo, which I usually love, but somehow comes out sucking there.

Anyway, these people have no shame. I mean on Asia no Junshin, they actually come out with the evil Roboto voice. You can't do that anymore! No way! What's next?! Female choruses on top of synth pop the likes of which haven't been seen since Bananarama? Well, yes exactly! Those show up 2 songs later. And what's this?! A direct Beatles Twist and Shout quote? You know "ahhh-ahhh-ahhh-ahhhh!" heck yeah - that's right down the road. And here is surf guitar! And here is omg, it's 90s Power Chords with the little grunge like interlude! And here is a beach vacation song like Frankie and Annette woulda sung if they were Japanese and cool. Well, somehow it all works. I don't know how they do it. You can listen to snippets from all the cartoon soundtrack songs at official puffy .

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Andrew said...

Since this post Puffy AmiYumi have come out with a great new CD called Splurge and a greatest hits CD called Hit and Fun.

For more info including lyrics, song samples and pictures checkout Puffy AmiYumi World.