Monday, May 16, 2005

Puffy correction

I do feel obligated to say that while Puffy are almost certainly quoting the Beatles with the Twist and Shout thing, it of course came from the Isley Brothers ahhh-ahhh-ahhhh-ahhhhhh! and all.

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Killer Llama said...

Hey, Pacatrue, did anyone ever tell you that you should be British? No? Ok, you should be British. Most might say Asian, but that Monty Python comic sensibility is in everything you write, and it makes me crack up, anyway.

I do hope you explain (again) about your graduate work. People ask me about it and I always have to mumble something about linguistic, philosophy and music. But you get to study in Hawaii, which makes for an easy transition into an easier discussion of all things Paca.

Congrats on the end of the semester; do you have anything on tap for the summer besides French lessons? You know, you are already half-way to Thailand, and to my knowledge you've never been here... J/k, I know you can't take a trip right now :)

Any thoughts on the Titans this year?