Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Something Else

I feel like I have been going off on politics now for too long, and so I am here to try to write something else. Hm. I am sick today. That's exciting. And N and I went on a buying rampage over the last few days, and we now have two new fans, and a little $60 TV. Of course, what I am learning is that there is nothing on TV to watch. We get the 4 big networks and PBS through the antenna. I finally geared up today after a week and a couple days and started the summer job search. I think I want a really boring job, where I sit behind some desk for many hours, and thus I can spend the time reading or writing or such. But we will see. I haven't seen too many jobs advertised for "Sit on Your Bum and Get Money". I do sound British; I wonder where I picked it up. I'll blame the llama.

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