Sunday, May 22, 2005

Thanks to the Uncompromising Liberal Media

Just a quick note (ok, not so quick it turns out) to follow up on the comment from the llama. I find the almost complete silence on the British memo you are referring to quite unsettling. OK, I am still naive enough to find it surprising. I mean you have this memo that is not denied by the British govt literally saying that Washington has decided to go ahead with an Iraq invasion and the only work now is to find enough evidence to support the decision. I mean it plainly states what we all guessed, but here is a smoking gun. The administration deliberately misled its own people and allies in order to justify a war it had already decided upon. It wasnt an intelligence failure; it was a decision. But no one seems to care anymore except crazy dont-kill-innocent-children-unless-you-absolutely-have-no-choice leftist wackos like me. Anyway, I just wanted to thank the uncompromising liberal media for attacking this story and never letting it go. I mean, the liberal media would never give a free ride to the Bush administration. (the phrase "uncompromising liberal media" is almost certainly from the Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World, cartoons.)

One thing I learned from the last election is that most votes arent really about differences of opinion on particular issues as they are about differences on what is a voting issue. By voting issue I mean the issue that decides how you will vote. So, sure there are real differences of opinion. I believe all American citizens should get to legally marry the individual of their choice; others believe strongly that they get to vote on who marries whom. Some people think it is right and proper to take money from some to keep all people fed; others think it is each individual's sole responsibility to take care of themselves, and the govt has no right to compel saving others. These and a million others are differences of opinion. But there is also the issues where you might agree on something, but one person really cares about it and another doesnt. So for me the Iraq war was a voting issue. I was strongly inclined to vote one way because of this issue. What I didnt get is that this just wasnt a big deal to many. They had other things they cared about. For some it was same-sex marriage; for others it was gun control; for others it was business regulations. To put it negatively, there are people out there for whom reducing small business regulation is more important to them than unnecessary wars. This was a good thing for me to learn.

I think killer llama is the only person reading this blog, but he can testify that all this politics is a new thing for me. I never really sat around talking about politics before. I have various writings on a hundred topics but before the last year, none of them were about political doings. The last election was my political awakening - where for the first time I realized I had real opinions on what was right for our nation, and moreover, that I, just as one more citizen, could not sit back and watch, or others will take our nation off in a horrible direction. I spent several days after the election in a depression, because I knew things were going wrong, but I had no idea how to change it. I felt completely impotent. I confess that I haven't solved this problem. I don't know how to make things better. For the first time in my life, I volunteered to help a political party, the Hawaii Democrats. But that has been unsatisfying as 1) they have not yet asked me to do a single thing and 2) what they will have me do is something like put out a mailing before a local election here. The latter is worthy, but at the same time not too exciting as Democrats killed here last year in local elections, so helping the dominant party isnt exactly turning the ship of state around. If anyone can solve this for me, send me an email.

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