Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Titans profile

An intrepid caller has sent in a query asking this lonely newsman to give his opinion on this year's Titans. I think we should win 5-9 games. The only way I see us doing much better is if we get off to some amazing start and all the rookies get super-confident, and Norm Chow is not just really good, as I expect him to be, but a Wile E Coyote SuperGenius. I just think we have lost too many players in our rebuilding to be a great team this year. And I just read an article where Lance Schulters' agent was suggesting Lance would be gone after June 1 as well, so the salary cap blood-letting might not be over. I see 2 main sources of concern - receiving corp and secondary. For receiving we have Dreeewwww and mostly new guys. It is very rare for a receiver to be excellent in his first year. The wild card is the off-injured, very talented MTSU guy whose name I am blanking on who is in his 3rd year. If he comes in and is as good as Drew, then we should be OK. Basically, without D-Mase we are missing our possession guy. We need someone to move the chains. Then with the secondary, we just cant replace both cornerbacks (and maybe safety) in one year. I dont think we will be horrible. Quarterbacks should be solid again with the big 2. I think we will be OK again in running, especially as I expect fine things from the O-line, unless the left tackle position is a bigger hole than I realize. It should be fine on D-line and with linebackers as well, so we aren't talentless. But I think we have just lost too much to get back to elite status already. Maybe 2006, and especially 2007, if we dont drop more people. That's my take, Llama.

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