Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wow! Can I Say Wow!

3 separate people have commented on a posting. And 2 of them are not the llama. I had no idea anyone else was reading this. I think I will have to improve my quality going forward. So instead of just thoughts, maybe I should have something crazy like a well-researched argument. I don't know though. That is asking a lot.
To llama, sr, and anonymous, thank you very much for your thoughts on my summer fun. I agree almost entirely with all of them. I just left an interview for a summer teaching job, which sounds cool. It would be teaching middle school kids English and Math, or SAT prep, over the summer. And while the idea of middle school kids is frightening, and the whole idea is frightening, it sounds fun as well. Maybe I will discover I like teaching, and if this whole linguistics thing doesnt work out, I could teach in middle or high school. Or maybe I will discover the exact opposite, and wouldn't that be nice to know as well? They say they will let me know by tomorrow actually. I am one of the latter interviews. We will see. They asked me questions which are totally obvious in hindsight like what is my teaching philosophy. I mean that sort of question - or how to handle discipline problems - are totally obvious, but I was a dumb one going in and hadn't thought about them. I think I came across as a competent, well-meaning person, who has some limited teaching background. This is what I am afterall.
As for which of these various things I would do, of course, earning a living is number 1. And then I really need to study French. All the French I do not take over the summer, I will have to take during the year as a class, because I need a 3rd language for my degree. (Chinese was lang 2, and English lang 1, so thanks to all of you who helped me learn English. By the way, I still stumble over my words periodically, but I don't really mumble anymore. At least people dont ask me to repeat myself over and over like when I was a kid. That might be just because they have figured out that I have nothing to say though.) So, if I am a logical person that will be the next task after working and breathing. The test is very specific. It is the standard grad school language test, which is to be able to translate, with a dictionary, scholarly articles in your field. So I will need to be able to translate articles about linguistics in French.
After that, the research with the profs is a given, at the very least because there is a chance of getting funding next semester for doing it, so, well, money talks. After all this, it gets very fuzzy. I will keep people updated.

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