Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bush V Clinton - impeachment

Killer Llama put a very nice comment about my "independent counsel" post below. For those of you interested in this stuff, you can read this, and I recommend reading his Comment as well, hidden further down. For those of you who just want to know what is going on in my life can skip all this and read about my attempts at teaching below.

Anyway, Llama made the point that the comparison of Clinton's lie under oath "In effect, I did not sleep with that woman" versus Bush's "war was the last resort only if Saddam doesn't give up WMD" had completely different consequences. At worst, Clinton's lie impeded a sexual harassment charge from being properly prosecuted. But Bush's of course has ended with 1700 dead American soldiers, likely between 10,000 - 20,000 dead Iraqi citizens, and the destruction of largely any moral authority the nation had. Valid point, I believe.

I was afraid when I brought up the Clinton thing that people would see it this way. "Ah, now that it doesn't matter anymore, he throws in that impeaching Clinton was OK just to pretend tobe neutral." What I was really going after is the larger point about clinging to Power. I wanted to convince people that it was no real tragedy for someone they believe in to not be in Power anymore. It should be no disgrace to no longer be President. That is a great privelege and responsibility instead. And the Republican Party would be just fine if they get a new Prez. And in case I had ever discussed my opposition to the Clinton impeachment in an earlier life, I wanted to be on record that I now think I was wrong. I had fallen into the same trap that the supporters of Bush are about to fall into. By the way, apparently the Democratic party is not ignoring this completely, as the media almost exclusively is. There were various meetings in the Capital today about this issue. Check Yahoo news if you want the account. Naturally, the Republicans scheduled many important votes at the same time so that the other hearings would be minimally attended. Of course, many if not most of the Democrats who are now going to call for Bush' head are after policitical gain and have no real moral outrage, except manufactured. That does not mean that they are not on the right side this time, though.

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