Friday, June 03, 2005

Song list correction / explanation

I must add to this quickly based on Killer Llama's comments:

These songs are not in order! I made absolutely no attempt to rank the songs. The numbers are there simply because I was counting to see how many songs I had. They mean nothing more. The reason all the soul funk is at the top is because I happened to start writing things down when looking through that section. And Van Morrison is at the bottom because I was afraid I would fill pages from that section, so I skipped it to the end.

As for llama's comment - would these change in 6 months? Indubitably, sir. If I did the list again 6 minutes from now, it would change. This was just a snapshot. I know there are a bunch of songs from my list that I crossed off that should probably replace the ones that made it. But I decided not to go down that road, or I would be going down it forever. That said, several of these songs I have listened to for years.

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