Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sweet Tea

Here are some southern things I miss:

Good buttermillk biscuits. I keep trying to make them, but they're damn hard to get right.

Cornbread. The thick and moist kind, or the firm fried kind like at Cock of the Walk in Natchez where they toss it in the iron skillet. Mmm...

Sweet tea. But OK, I can make this one, despite the fact that I am sipping Crystal Light now.

Chicken and Dumplings. Mary's is still the best, but Courtney's is getting pretty decent. Just control that pepper, sis!

Frito pie. Mmmm.... My memory of frito pie is always tied to Little League at the park in the Boro. I never liked Little League, but I liked Frito Pies and Snowcones - and then the kids' big sisters later.

This wasn't supposed to be the topic, but I was looking for a title and noticed my glass of sweet, that's nutrasweet, tea in my hand. It became the topic.

Mmm... Frito pie.....

While I am on a food theme, right now I remember:
Mom's Monday Night Chicken - baked chicken, rice, and black-eye peas.
Dad's homemade spaghetti sauce
And Now N's lime garlic cardamom lambchop. Those are pretty tasty, N!

Tom's Egg Nog. OK, I confess I didn't really like it. But good god was it powerful! How can you forget it? An experience, it is. His gumbo, though, is good.

Then there is my poor cheese grits recipe. Still great, but well it is getting harder and harder to ignore 2 sticks of butter, 4 cups of milk, a cup of cheese, and a scoop of sourcream. That's a wee bit of milkfat.


Sexynerd9297 said...

mmmmmmm....your cheese grits!!!! mmmm...tom's family egg nog!! that stuff is powerful, i love it, it takes 2 days to make and has..well lots of alchoal in it. when i lived with mom it became sunday night chicken or tuesday night which was a great switch from lean cuisines. this is why i'm becomming a cook, backlash to frozen dinners with mom. even though i don't like chilli, i remeber dad's chilli he would make for you and benj, i ahve greatly reduced the amount of pepper, you weak louisannain ;-) hee hee, i mostly remeber anita's food, her fried catfish mmmmmmmmmm in my tummy! uncle charles filet migons, benj's grilled chicken, the man can work a grill!

Sexynerd9297 said...


Sexynerd9297 said...


pacatrue said...

Just for the record, Dad's chili was Hormel No Beans on top of a couple hot dogs, ideally in these shallow bowls that had little flowers on them. I think chili and dogs was about the only times those plates/bowls were used.

Oneida's biscuits I remember best; of course, with the honey bear honey. That's key.