Monday, June 06, 2005

Yippee! Summer Job

Well, it looks like I am going to be teaching middle school children math after all. I think this will be for 3 hours each afternoon 5 days a week. They said they would call me last Wednesday, but never did, so I thought it wasn't happening. But I got the call today, so I will be starting now next Monday. So I have 4 more days of vacation. I had just put my name in with a temp agency, but maybe I will pull my name out of their hat now. Or perhaps not, if they have weekend jobs or something. I will have to debate that. So anyway yay! I think. Now I have to go learn middle school math again. While my trig has left me - an arcsine is... hypotonuse over opposite? hmm..., I think I can still handle basic algebra or, geez, what do you take in middle school? I remember long division in like 5th grade, and then I remember algebra in 8th. What's in between? Anyway, they supposedly have lesson plans you can use, so I will either use them or take them as a starting point. If anyone has advice on handling 7th graders, yell. Something other than "duck!" I have this vague memory from Winnsboro Junior High of cross-multiplication and finding least common denominators. Crap, I always hated least common denominators.

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