Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Blogspot Crazy!

Well, I apparently made some list, because all of a sudden yesterday I have gotten visits from a huge number of links. So welcome in everyone! Feel free to say hello in a comment, and ummmm yeah hello!

Topics in this blog:

  • language - learn what a consonant is!
  • philosophical/spiritual stuff - are we all One?
  • political stuff - where i start off railing against the Bush admin and then attempt to rein myself in and be more constructive
  • stuff about Hawaii - see a rainbow! learn about spam musubi! Get a superfast Hawaiian history
  • Food - I eat a lot apparently. Trade bread recipes. Marvel at the wonder of Pho
  • Family - see pics of the little guy (he's 2) and read about me as a dad
  • Reporting - patiently watch me try to puzzle out things that smarter people wrote books about
  • Teaching - hear me learn how to teach a crew of 8-12 yo Korean and Korean-Am kids
  • Music - music is my aesthetic of choice, so I will talk about it periodically (go Puffy Amiyumi!)

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