Thursday, July 07, 2005

Famous Me...

I just googled myself. First I did pacatrue. Two things came up - one completely irrelevant, and the other a Comment I did on another blog. This blog doesnt exist yet in Google.

More interesting was some of my history that I had forgotten about, which is still on record online. For instance, I had a brief letter to the Editor on Salon in 2002. I had forgotten about it:
"According to Dave Appell's article "The Next Newton?" Stephen Wolfram appears to be trying to take credit for all of complexity theory. These ideas of using computer simulations to model self-organizing systems are hardly new. They have been studied for at least 20 years. There are many previously published books on the subject. Academia commonly teaches courses now on nonlinear dynamic systems. There are even entire institutes devoted to the study of these topics, such as the Santa Fe Institute. Is Wolfram taking credit for too much, was Appell not aware of Wolfram's context, or do I just not understand this article?

-- Hunter Hatfield"

I also have a couple postings from CHI-WEB, a human-computer interaction website, back when I was attempting to do that.

There was even a link, but now dead, referencing a post of mine I sent in to the Van Morrison mailing list back in 1995 or so.

My community award from Aspect in 2001 is there.

My life as a Marathoner is subject of an article on

I also just discovered that my old thesis advisor lists me in the Preface to his book on Truth and Objectivity. My thesis was the first he had supervised. Nathalie says we already knew this, but that I forgot. So that's kinda cool

My participation in a summer Ultimate league in 2001 is there.

And then, somewhat amusingly, the very very last search result on page 5 is my pseudo home page at UH.

Hmmm.. Apparently, there is actually another person with my name out in the world. He seems to be younger and smart. Apparently he attends or attended a magnet school and he posts to game boards about driver installs and dlls. And a Britt Hunter Hatfield as well! He's a physician at Harvard. Well at least my name didnt come up on prison records or some such. It appears to have a nice record of achievement so far. Good job on naming, mom and dad!

It's all rather scary. A little pseudo-bio of me has been created in the cybersphere, which I cannot control. And various spiders have collected my name as well, so that I am a random key word for them. How odd....

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