Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How long will I be here?

People periodically ask me how much longer I will be in my doctoral program. I decided to sit down and actually figure it out this morning. This is what I currently think:

I have three more semesters of course work, which wraps things up in December of 2006.
Next I do a working paper, but I hope to have something published before classes are finished.
Then I do my comprehensive exams and the dissertation proposal. That should be done in the Spring of 2007.
Then I just write my dissertation. I hope that will take a year to year and a half. No more. I need a job. So that finishes me up in Spring of 2008. Kinda scary. I will be 35 at that point.

However, there is still the question of where I will be when I write my dissertation. There is no reason I have to be in Hawaii. However, I can't say where I will be until I know what my dissertation topic is, so you can ask me that in Spring of 2007.

There are chances of shortening this a semester or 2, but there are also chances of lengthening it, if I have to work more or such. But basically I hope to keep this to a 4 year program with one year being done.

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