Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Interesting article

Been exploring Andrew Sullivan's blog. It apparently is a very popular one, though I had never heard of him, not running in either blog or political circles much. He is generally labeled a "neo-con", and he wears the mantel of conservatism proudly. This is a very long piece he wrote in the New Republic. here

What is intriguing is how much I agree with. His criticisms of his own Republican party are dead on in my opinion. In fact his discussion of Republicans working towards a tyrrany of the majority echoes my own thoughts. But then he will throw out some phrase like "the decadent left" or whatever to label millions of people with some useless ad hominem or ad groupem :) attack. (Apologies to Mr. Robbins for my Latin failing me.) One reason I find the article interesting is that in my head I have been saying that I feel like I am trying to out-conservative the "conservatives". Sullivan is attempting the same thing from a different angle.

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