Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I've gone international!

Well, I just got my first non US hit today. It's from Perth, Australia, and I will say no more. Amazingly, not long after, I got my second international hit - this time from Finland. The latter appears to have come from a beast of a search engine that gives me as a link on Socrates a mere hours after I mentioned the word in a blog.

Anyway, a big kudos to Ever since I and the Digital Cowboy made fun of each other (well now that I think of it, I think only he made fun of me... hey, that's not right!), his link to me has made this the single biggest day in pacatrue.blogspot history.

While it is quite cool to meet people (and it is my fault because I am the annoying guy saying hello on other blogs like the Cowboy's), it's also a little weird. This blog was created basically to let my family in on my life, since I am sitting in the middle of the Pacific. But now instead of just my wife and sis checking it each day, I got 10 other people today I have never met. Well, we will see how it goes....

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