Saturday, July 23, 2005

Long long political article link

Here is an interesting article about political language and the current Democratic party. One thing to note when reading this is that, while you may disagree with much of Lakoff's popular face, he is in fact a top-notch linguist, whose ideas have inspired some really nice theoretical and experimental research on language. A warning, though. It is very very long.
This is basically an article about framing political issues through language. It also discusses whether or not there are other issues for Democrats in recent election losses, such as a basic philosophy disagreement with the majority of Americans. I have revealed on here before that for the first time in my life, after the Bush 2004 victory, I volunteered to work for a political party - the Democrats. However, in this article there is a mention of a dinner party with Bill Clinton and others. Clinton was decent, though he wasn't able to live up to his potential, so it could be a little interesting to meet him, but for the most part I have no interest in dining with anyone else mentioned in the room. Is it a problem that a Democrat doesn't particularly like the Democratic "leaders"? I really have no idea why I am supposed to vote for Hillary in a 2008 election. I'm still waiting for her to do something or inspire me in some manner.

At the same time, if it was Dobson, Bauer, Kristol, Bush, Rove, etc. in the dinner party, I'd want to slap em around to get a modicum of sense into their brains. Guess that makes me a Democrat in our 2 party world.

The above is another example of why I should not write blog entries at 3:00 am.

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