Sunday, July 17, 2005

Now here's a job title

Reading a little news article about a conviction in Nigeria on an email fraud case, I came across this sentence:

"Ranked the world's second most corrupt country after Bangladesh by sleaze watchdog Transparency International...."

I just love that term - sleaze watchdog. I looked up Transparency International's description of themselves on their web site. Here is a piece:

"Transparency International, the only international non-governmental organisation devoted to combating corruption, brings civil society, business, and governments together in a powerful global coalition.

TI, through its International Secretariat and more than 85 independent national chapters around the world, works at both the national and international level to curb both the supply and demand of corruption. In the international arena, TI raises awareness about the damaging effects of corruption, advocates policy reform, works towards the implementation of multilateral conventions and subsequently monitors compliance by governments, corporations and banks. At the national level, chapters work to increase levels of accountability and transparency, monitoring the performance of key institutions and pressing for necessary reforms in a non-party political manner."

That sounds nice and all, but it's clearly not as engaging as "sleaze watchdog". I hereby recommend that they delete all of the above and simply say, "We are a bunch of people who watch sleaze. And if we see it, we bark. Real loud. Grrr... Just saying 'Bangladesh' makes me wanna gnaw through something, especially something sleazy."

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