Wednesday, July 27, 2005

One of those "tests" that bloggers do

I decided to take one of those tests or lists or surveys that lots of bloggers do and fill it out. I saw this one, and it often had insteresting answers on other people's blogs, so here we go. It's just questions with my answers:

5 things I miss about my childhood:

1) Playing "killer" around town. It was basically a water gun game and you had teams and hiked all over town trying to get the other team. We were heavily armed. I had two basic water pistols on each hip, this water gun shaped like a machine gun, and a backpack full of water hand grenades, also known as balloons. Of course running around with a sack full of water balloons was a little dangerous for killing yourself.
2) Mary's chicken and dumplins
3) Trips after school to my grandmother Smoochie's when i was 9 or so. I would take the bus there and we had this ritual that I would try to sneak up on her and scare her. This involved slowly opening the door, so that she did not know if I had come in or not. Then I would try to crawl behind the furniture, ever so sneaky like, until I popped up behind her chair. (At that time, she had several broken hips (ok, 1 or 2, but broken several times) and was confined to her chair at home. Osteoporosis.) Somehow she almost always caught me. Maybe it was because I came to her place at the same time every day.
4) Quiz bowl. My mom was a librarian and ran quiz bowl. I always liked it, but I was never the best. N and I sometimes pull out Trivial Pursuit questions and ask them. We don't bother with the game; we just ask questions.
5) Cub Dad weekend. A weekend at Camp TLJames with my dad. I would have been 7 or 8. I think it was just dad/son alone time.
I am supposed to stop at 5, but I am throwing in making sasafrass tea at David Newman's farm from the roots, as well as D and D with Kevin and Benjamin, even though they did spend a summer, while I was away at camp, plotting how to kill me off.

10 years ago today:

July 27, 1995. Hmmm... This is in between the first and second years of my masters degree in philosophy. I was working either at Victor's Ristorante, Square Books, or McDonalds, or Shoney's in Oxford, Ms. huh. I don't know. N and I were living together and were moving to this ugly apartment with peach walls and teal carpet, but it was a paradise next to our cockroach infested, no airconditiong stink pit at the Phoenix Apartments. Of course, we paid 350 a month for a 2 bedroom apt. Paying 900 now for a 1 bedroom in Honolulu.

5 years ago:

July, 2000.

N and I are married now and living in our house in Spring Hill. I think I was a program manager for Aspect Communications. In fact that may have been the time when I finally mentally checked out on Aspect, and went from an interested employee to someone collecting a paycheck and biding my time. The bad news is that was 4 years before I left. At this time, I decided to quit, but they talked me into staying by switching jobs. Instead of being a program manager I would move back into Technical Support and spend at least half my time - guaranteed! ha ha ha ha ha - developing inhouse web software to improve our support operation. Anyway, instead of quitting I took a 2 week vacation and went travelling to the mountains of western NC, Virginia Beach, and back. I was supposed to visit the Llama in NYC, but I got tired of driving and didn't make it.

1 year ago:

July 27. We have been in Hawaii for 3 weeks at that point. I am gearing up for school, N is looking for work, and we both look for day care for B. In the mean time, we explored a lot of Oahu.


Taught school all day. We worked on Probability in the morning and then practiced pronunciation (for the Korean English-learners) doing tongue twisters in the afternoon. Sally sells seashells, peter piper, fuzzy wuzzy, etc. Then I tried to explain phonetics too them in half an hour. Maybe the last wasn't my best idea. Afterwards, I came home and we did the exercise walk with B in the stroller. Dinner. Then it was a walk around Waikiki, a trip to Long's drugs to pick up manila file folders to get ready for school, putting B to bed, and then N and I finished the anime movie Castle in the Sky, which I recommend.


Math in the morning. I meet Jee-won to edit a piece of her dissertation for her in the afternoon.

There you go.

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