Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pho Photo Folio

A nice new comfort food here in Hawaii is the Vietnamese soup Pho. It is cheap and yummy. You shouldn't spend much over $5 for a bowl, and can choose various beefs, chicken, pork, and tofu versions. All around town there are Vietnamese Pho shops. It's popular enough that even if it is a full restaurant with all sorts of stuff, you need to have a glowing Pho neon sign on the outside to keep appearances up. So here is my photo essay for Pho.

First, you get the bowl of broth and meats if chosen. It also has the yummy noodles in it. Next you get the plate of fresh basil, bean sprouts, and kaffir leaves. Everything is fresh.

Once you have everything, add the leaves and sprouts as desired. Don't put the basil stems in; just leaves.

Next up... sauces! I almost always add some soy, a big dash of hot sauce, and this sweet tangy stuff that reminds me of a Chinese Hoisin sort of thing.

And voila. Take out your chopsticks and spoon and go at it. B likes the Pho noodles, but you have to take them out for him before you dump the hot sauce in.

The end result is... This!

You can even get Pho at the Pacific Mart where I get my Cokes next to school where I teach, but I haven't tried theirs yet. I usually eat Pho at Bale, which advertises French sandwiches and Vietnamese Pho. I think it's that whole Indochine thing.

And that's my photo essay on Pho.


Matildah said...

mmmm....Pho is good and yummyum. For some reason though, I'm never able to finsih it, by the time I'm halfway done the rest is cold. The meat is a necessity.

I probably should stop commenting on pho at two am.

pacatrue said...

mmmm Pho....

Yeah, I agree, ya gotta have the meat. I almost always get the beef version with these beef meatballs and the super thin sliced raw beef which cooks in seconds once they dump the boiling hot broth on it.