Sunday, July 10, 2005


Rainbows are pretty common here on Oahu. The mountain ridges trap the rain on top of them, and whenever you have light rain in one place, and sunshine in another, you are going to have rainbows. The UH men's teams are the Rainbow Warriors and the women are the Rainbow Wahine. Wahine just means "woman" in Hawaiian, so it is the Hawaiian version of the Lady Techsters and Lady Bulldogs and such. Anyway, here is a nice full rainbow that I took from the car window at a stoplight (Kalakaua and Kapiolani to be exact). It is sort of Hawaiian nature asserting itself over a modern city environment.

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pasifikas said...

Yo again!


We have just had the 20th anniversary of the bombing of the 'Rainbow Warrior' which was a Greenpeace activist boat that was bombed by French 'terrorists' right here in Auckland City Harbour in 1985.

One of the crew died on board, and the ship has been sunk in a bay up north so that divers can visit the wreck...but we still hurt as a Nuclear Free nation when we think of the good that that ship had achieved in bringing Anti-Nuclear and Whaling-Free issues to light.

There has been a re-release of a wonderful NZ song called 'Anchor Me' to commemorate this event in our history.

We get a lot of rainbows, wahine and warriors here in New Zealand / Aotearoa also. Rock on Polynesia! HERES TO A NUCLEAR FREE PACIFIC FUTURE