Saturday, July 02, 2005

Recent Bran

And here is a recent picture of Brannon in early June. We were at a park up in the Manoa Valley, which is a valley just on the north side of Honolulu. The main campus of UH is in Manoa, hence the name U of Hawaii Manoa. It is not more than 2 miles from Waikiki, so we are just talking about an area of the city. Honolulu is sandwiched between the ocean on the south, and a mountain ridge about 2000 feet up. Manoa is one of the many valleys that people live in.

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sr said...

he is a cutie!

hang in there w the teaching- I know it is tough but i think you are right that consistency and keeping them challenged (as individually focused as possible) is the key.

My kids and i are off tomorrow morning to see Tom in Bangkok!