Wednesday, July 13, 2005

That wacky Plato

Just thought I would make it clear how obtuse Plato's dialogue "Parmenides" is. All my books are boxed up in Louisiana, but here is the online version's last two lines:

Parmenides: Let thus much be said; and further let us affirm what seems to be the truth, that, whether one is or is not, one and the others in relation to themselves and one another, all of them, in every way, are and are not, and appear to be and appear not to be.

Socrates: Most true.

Ummm, yeah. Most true... In fact, that's just what I was thinking.
Or maybe better put: riiiiiiighht.

If you wish to read less obtuse Plato, I always recommend his dialogue on love "the Symposium", or "Apology" which is Socrates' justification of his life.

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