Tuesday, August 09, 2005

4 days and counting

Friday is my last day as a middle school teacher. I confess that I am looking forward to it. Teaching 10 year olds just takes a whole different form of energy than reading linguistics articles. Then I have one week "off" until classes start up again. The big difference is that I will be, ahem, teaching a section of Intro Linguistics, so it is off to the races again. I have actually applied for a position as an editorial assitant for an online language teaching journal. I have yet to figure out how I possibly will have time, if offered the position, but the money is too good to not apply. (Apologies for the split infinitive to those of you who follow such rules.) It pays twice as much as the teaching job. So note that the University will pay me twice as much to work on an academic journal than it will to actually educate its students. You know education, the supposed reason the University exists in the first place.

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