Friday, August 26, 2005

Another wedding proposal of sorts

In my continuing attempt to write really badly:

Henry slowly descended to one knee before his beloved and took her hand in his, which she so gracefully offerred unto him, symbolizing the union that he was to propose and how she would give anything if he merely requested. "Hester," Henry began as Hester's cheeks blushed the color of a delicate rose in a manner that only the fair sex can manifest.
"Yes, Henry?" Hester asked as her querulous lip trembled with anticipation.
"Hester, my one, my only, my true beloved until the stars tumble from the sky."
"Yes, my darling Henry?"
"Hester, the personification of all that is right and good in this little world of ours."
"Yes, Henry? What do you wish to ask of me?"
"Hester, my beauty, my heart's desire, my sublime creature."
"Henry, the question?" Hester said beginning to tap her delicate right foot wrapped in the finest Flemish lace and donned with a Parisian slipper.
"Hester, in my eyes, the sun is nothing but a rock at the bottom of the sea covered in barnacles soiled in the droppings of starfish when compared to your undying radiance."
"Yes, I know. You said that on the gondola earlier, Henry. But I wish you would leave out the starfish thing."
"Yes, Hester, I did say it, and I say it again. I will speak of nothing other than your beauty until I pass from this earth, for I know nothing can rival your grace other than a creature from heaven, which is surely from whence you came."
"Oh forget it! Taxi!"

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