Monday, August 08, 2005

Arrghhh! Bike Stolen!!!

My bike was stolen on Friday, and I'm still angry about it. I used it to get to work, to go on rides with the family, and periodically to pick Brannon up from daycare. It had a toddler seat on the back and a basket in the front for the nap blanket and books. Very hip. Anyway, I have been parking it behind the parking attendant at my school all summer, because there are no bike racks anywhere near. Anyway, I came out Friday to see it gone. The attendant thinks it was taken when she went into a cafe for 15 minutes.

So some shmuck is gonna sell it stolen for $20 somewhere, and I'm gonna pay $300 for a new bike, seat, and basket. The seat alone is $100. To put that in context, I make a little under $600 a month for providing a university education, and the rent for our 1 bedroom is the same as the old mortgage on the 3 bedroom house we used to OWN. Arrrgghhh!!!! On the other hand, I cheer up everytime I say Aaarrgghhhhh because it lets me pretend I am a pirate.

Avast ye,



kristybox said...

Poor Paca. You should have your rich friends send donations to your cause. Oh, and you should introduce me to all of your rich friends who are happy to randomly send you money. Definitely introduce me. ;)

Sexynerd9297 said...

i'm not a rich friend but i can donate to a new bike fund! i would be happy too!!!!! anything for my brother!

Anonymous said...

all your readers are not gone- just very very busy.
Your dad made the front page of the food section of the BR Advocate a couple weeks ago. i should have emailed you the link- big article- he talked about "life after lumber". pecan oil, of course.

pacatrue said...

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. I do need to get some rich friends, but, wait, you guys are my rich friends! Time to ante up!

For anonymous, who mentions my dad's write up in the BR Advocate, I was able to see the web version of the article, which was very nice - and lengthy! For all the others here who want to see it, you can see a link to it about 4 posts down in my "King of Pecan Oil" entry.

Finbar said...

Wait, your in Hawaii right?

Cheer up Pacatrue!

I have no doubt that Magnum and Rick can con TC into scouring the islands in his chopper and find your bike.

Sexynerd9297 said...

i'm in with Finbar. they'll find it for you! so cheer up!