Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blogging for class

My title sounds like I have no class and that I hope to gain some through blogging. Good luck to me.

The real subject is that I am toying with using blogger for my Linguistics 102 class this semester. It has become rather fashionable in classes for students to email questions to the professor before class about the reading. The main purpose is of course to get them to make some attempt at actually reading. The emails are graded very leniently. Basically, if they send something in that isn't completely random - in other words, mildly constructive - they get the credit. The virtue of a blog is that in theory you might start a dialogue among some of the students. Moreover, you could have my notes as the Instructor up as the main blog entry. I don't know. There are actually school administered web sites for classes with discussion boards and such that we could use instead. I will have to investigate them. The main advantage at the moment of a Blogger version is that this interface is pretty simple; the school one, less so. I don't know. I should read some of the links on blogging for the class room that are provided here:


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