Thursday, August 04, 2005

Collection of things

1) If John Robert's appointment to the Supreme Court were not yet a sure thing, I think this probably does it. Turns out he did some pro bono work for a gay rights case on the right side; i.e., for keeping individual rights for all Americans. It's gonna be even harder for the Democrats to say this guy is a crazy ideologue and filibuster - not that they really seemed inclined to go that way anyway. Sounds more like a good lawyer with a Republican political background, just the kind of guy the Republicans have a right to nominate. Teaches us to lose the election.

2) I used to think I was patient. Then I became a teacher. I'm not patient. But I'm following my father-in-law's advice and not giving up on any of them. On the other hand, I only have to finish out next week, and the summer teaching gig is up. I will miss some of them. What is it about elementary age girls and being sweet? When one of them left, I got a key chain with my name. Another spontaneously brought me a V8 in class, not even her class!, today and her hangman phrase was "Teacher Hunter, thank you." The boys? Well the best I can get from them is a hello as they dash to play a computer game. I heard some cliche once that girls are easy to raise from 0-13 and a nightmare afterwards, while boys are the opposite. Sorta holds out, but my 11-12 year old boys are a handful. On the other hand, the teen boys are easy in that they are content having nothing to do with you.

3) Got a new student last week who is about 10. He is one of these kids that we all knew who seems born to be teased. He is just different. Emotionally unable to handle teasing, doesn't share the official interests of boys his age, etc. It's hard to see, because you know he is going to have a hard hard high school life until the other kids become adults and learn they don't have to step on people to be something. But I don't know what to do about it. It might just be the way it is. I mean, I know how to defend him and fight with him in the 3 weeks I've got, but well it's only 3 weeks. He's gonna have to keep finding people to defend him, cause he's not ready to defend himself.

4) After a long chain of thought that started from some comments about a book called "dynamics in action", I have concluded that intelligence is like seeing, and wisdom is like discerning or seeing what's important. They don't always go hand in hand, as we all know. It is quite common for very intelligent people to lack wisdom. The opposite, where wise people lack intelligence, happens but not so much. I think this is because you have to be able to see to see the important. Of course, the cognitive science person in me points out that there is no such thing as a single intelligence and this is all meaningless folk philosophy, but I beat him down with a big stick.

5) I number everything.

6) Where have all the readers gone? I used to have a nice group of casual readers, but they've all disappeared, and it's just 3-4 people again. There is a rumor that the trouble is that I post gigantic reviews of child language articles that no one wants to read. Possible, but you can't stop me. I have one reader who is interested in exactly that. Gotta keep him happy. FYI, I just finished an O'Grady paper on an emergentist view of syntax as it relates to acquisition and that will be up soon.

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