Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy Acceptance Day

Today is a state holiday for Hawai'i, so we are on vacation. In fact, the holiday is State Acceptance Day - the day Hawai'i became a state. Hawai'i has all the federal holidays, plus a few extra, including this one, King Kamehameha Day and Prince Kuhio Day. In other news, I was offered, and have accepted, the editorial assistantship position with the journal. So after allll that about teaching and ling 102 practice, I won't be teaching at all now, since I am not allowed to hold both positions. But this way, I double my money, and I think I will have health insurance for the first time in a year. If I don't get fired, I could in principle keep this assistantship all through my dissertation.

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Killer Llama said...

Congrats, Hunter!

Sounds like a very good job, but one that could demand alot of your time. Assuming you can balance it and school at the same time, however, it could be a wonderful opportunity :)