Friday, August 26, 2005

Most Boring Marriage Proposal Ever

I was reading a nice writing blog (see Blue Ridge Writer link on the right there) and wrote this little bit in an inspired moment. I think there could be a nice continuing blog theme here to see just how badly I can write. Feel free to add your own awful scenes as you see fit. Here it is:

"You wanna?" said John.
"What?" said Mary.
"You know. Get married," said John.
"Are you serious?" said Mary.
"Yes," said John.
"Why?" said Mary.
"Because." Silence. "You brought it up last week," said John.
"So I did," said Mary. "Well, alright then."
"So that's it. We are going to get married now?"
"Yep." John twiddled his thumbs.
"Why again?"
"I don't know. I'm bored. Seems like something we could do. I'm tired of sitting at this buffet."
"Is that a metaphor?"
"No. This fried fish is awful. And I think the cocktail sauce is ketchup."
"How can you see how I am spelling?"
"Oh. I guess I can't."
"Can you remember which one of us is talking?"
"No, we all sound the same."
"Yeah." John and Mary sit quietly.
"I'll go call the minister."

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