Friday, August 12, 2005

Ugh. What an awful headline!

Just saw this headline over at Yahoo:

U.S. to lower transit terror alert level-sources

It took me forever to figure out what this was. What were level-sources I kept asking myself. Are they different than escalating-sources or were they opposed to not-on-the-level-sneaky-sources? But, in the end, I realized they were just saying that someone, sources, had told them that the terror alert would be lowered. Which makes you wonder why the word "sources" is in the headline at all. It would seem to indicate that typically they have no sources for their articles and completely make them up. But this time they were so proud that someone actually was a source, they prominently displayed it in the headline.

In other news, today is the last teaching day. I'm pretty excited. Have to figure out a way for us all to do as little as possible, and yet still be a good person who does their job. And that's where I am off to now.

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