Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wacko Environmentalist

While my father has called me a tree hugger for years, the truth is that I have never really been all that interested in the environmental movement. No reason. Just never got into it. I was mostly just accused of that because I went to a liberal liberal arts college, and so everything liberal has been attached to me in the family perview (sp?) since. And it would still be a stretch to attach that label to me, since I take virtually no actions in the official movement other than recycling when convenient. However, I have realized I do hold certain beliefs:

1) I don't want to be poisoned, even slowly over years, by the food, water, and air.
2) I want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to see many of the natural things that my grandfather grew up with.
3) I believe in economic growth and job growth, and I want my descendants to also have jobs, meaning the job today cannot destroy the basis for jobs tomorrow.
4) There are limits to what is around us, and so there will be time we have to limit what we use in order to keep the supplies available later.

You can all decide whether or not these beliefs make me a tree hugger or not.

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Silentknyght said...

I believe the correct spelling is "purview".

You're not a tree-hugger only for holding those beliefs. While it is true many "tree-huggers" hold similar beliefs, it is their outlandish actions--not their beliefs--that enable us to label them with that ridiculous title.