Sunday, September 18, 2005

7 things

I stole this one from Evil Gay Lawyer Hey, it's his name, not mine. I mean not my name for him. Someone could be calling me that, but it would be odd since I'm not gay or a lawyer. It is distinctly possible that I'm evil. I modified it a bit, including removing "7 things that attract me to the same sex" and "7 celebrity crushes". Sure I could have switched them to the opposite sex, but I think it would just be asking for trouble to list anything on those topics. But if you want to see thin muscular guys with their shirts off, go to his blog.

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1) Travel to Tahiti
2) Perform for some time in a local quality band, making decent original music.
3) Play the solo guitar arrangement of Asturias by Ibeniz
4) Publish a monograph that makes serious contributions to the understanding of our world.
5) For some reason, I have always wanted to adopt.
6) Find the laidback easy-going Paca again
7) Write a book that is really fun to read and is worth reading again.

Hm, Why do I think that list is really lame?

7 things I can do:

1) I can make B and N laugh.
2) I can make connections between things that others miss.
3) I can see other people's point of view.
4) I can bike up all those hills to the Kahala Mall with B and my backpack strapped in. Not easy, but I can do it.
5) I can periodically find a nice turn of phrase in writing.
6) I can drink 3 cokes and go to bed.
7) I can play the riff to ZZTop's Just Got Paid.

7 things I cannot do:

1) I cannot intentionally mean harm to others. When it happens, it's accidental.
2) I cannot remember most things visual. N told me one day what color our house was.
3) I cannot do 10 pull-ups. I cannot do 2.
4) I cannot build a simulation of tonal perception, but I hope to.
5) I cannot do small talk at a bar. I am clueless about what to say.
6) I cannot wiggle my ears.
7) I cannot stick to any one thing for too long.

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EGL said...

I'm sad that you didn't include the 7 reasons your attracted to the same sex! That's the best part...unless you post pictures of hot men under the celebrity crushes I like that too!