Monday, September 12, 2005

Blogger in the scheme of things

Lest anyone think blogs are super important, here are my typical stat counts.

Monday - Friday, average number of visitors: 11.
Saturday and Sunday, average number of visitors: 1

Let's us all know that blogs are nice and all as a way to take a break from work. But when people could be doing almost anything else - like watching Red Dawn on ActionSundayCinema - blogs go largely ignored.

I would blame this on my lack of posting for almost a week, but truth is it's been this way for months, even when I posted a lot.


Charles Nelson said...

Does your visitor count include people like me who read your blog through an RSS feed?

Then again, if you think in terms of power laws, only a few are going to be uber blogs and the rest are going to be like ours.

pacatrue said...

It does not count RSS feeds. I am using Statcounter which just logs each time it's code is called on the web page it is embedded in.

Agreed. My blog is entirely uber-less. I mostly just find it amusing that all of my readers are clearly reading blogs at work. As soon as they leave work, the blog readership plummets.