Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Crazy

Here is the good news. The hurricane near Hawaii is staying a good ways to our east and moving north. It is Category 3, but is moving away as predicted. Also the other two hurricanes are further away and weakening. Yippee.

On the bad side of things, Rita is Category 5 and headed for Texas. I just heard my brother and nephew are headed up from Houston to the sis' place in Dallas, or Richardson I think it is, properly speaking. Apparently, my sister-in-law is in China for a couple weeks. I mean, I know they wanted people to evacuate Houston, but China seems a little much. :)

This reminds me of my 4 hurricane year when I was 12. First one came through Louisiana. Good news is we lived about 200 miles north of the shore, so that it was just a big rainstorm for us. Then we visited grandparents in Houston and one came through there. Next I went to the Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia and guess what? We spent a night sleeping in trailers for that one. Then finally I started school in New Jersey and voila! Hurricane number 4 comes through. This is all 1985.


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