Friday, September 23, 2005

I love listservs

My journal is a member of several language teaching listservs, which means I am a member since I'm the only one who gets these emails. Anyway, here is an amusing exchange from this morning with all the names changed:

Email 1:

Hi Bob

Hope things are fine with you,....after the rest this past year I am sure you've started your classes with new force.

Just writing to you to know when the YYYY Conference will take place, and where, have been unable to find it in the YYYY page and Frank cannot remember.


Email 2:

Darling, are you sure that this message was for me?
Somehow, I prefer to be Annie instead of Bob. It's a
little bit late to change my sex and personality.
By the way, it's cold here now - about 10-12 degrees,
so be prepared. There is hope that it will get better,
but I cannot control it, so cannot guarantee.

Email 3:

Dear YYYY list members,
Please, escuse me for my previous message to the whole
list - it was personal, and I was absent-minded.
Best wishes,

Of course, the email exchange could have been a lot more personal than this, but it's always amusing to call several hundred professors around the world "darling". It's that pesky reply button. Gets us all in trouble.

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