Thursday, September 01, 2005

Responsibility for Katrina Disaster

I have come across more and more posts lately talking about the various failures of various agencies in handling the Katrina disaster. I understand many of the points against various political entities who messed up. However, I have a hard time having great anger at the moment towards them. I'm not all that interested in Bush or Appropriations Committees, etc. I am from Louisiana (it's home; im in Hawaii now) and I don't want them spending a single second of their day worrying about political damage control, talking points, defending previous actions, etc. I want every ounce of attention focused on getting food, water, and shelter to the thousands homeless and then rebuilding the places that are gone. Once all the people are safe and once the big plans are in action, then let heads roll for letting it happen, but don't make them waste time now, worrying about the mistakes they already made, when there are people still sitting on their rooftops.

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