Sunday, October 23, 2005

blog apologies

First, I need to apologize for last week's blog. What? One entry in a week and that was just a few old emails I had lying around? Bah. Enough to kill a blog right there. I have various excuses. Incredibly busy at times. N has been working a conference most of the week. She checked into a hotel near the convention center on Wedneday and we haven't seen her since. The conference ends today, though. Still, the truth is I was just never horribly inspired. Now, I did get inspired for a few minutes once to write about my new shoes. That didn't last very long though.

It's been raining here pretty much since Thursday. This morning B and I drove over to Koko Head Crater and went walking around the Koko Head Botanical Garden. OK, OK, we went to Costco too. The reason for this garden trip was the rain. I have spoken on here before a few times about how local the weather is. It can rain on one block and not on another. This is largely created by the mountain ridges that criss-cross Oahu. Due to this, the windward side is incredibly lush like a rainforest, Waikiki is fairly temperate, and the far leeward and Koko Head sides are dry enough to have cacti. So the idea was to escape the rain by going to the deserty side of the island. It worked. The garden is a two mile trail in a loop inside the Koko Head crater. Don't worry. Diamond Head and Koko Head craters are extinct. We didn't see that much, mostly some plumeria, because picking up rocks and tossing them a couple feet is far more interesting to B than walking to see silly flowers and cacti. So, I think we covered about .2 miles of the garden, which means we have 1.8 left to see one day.

I've been alternating between being a very good parent, cooking nice relatively healthy meals once a day for the two of us, with being a bad parent, stopping off at KFC on the way home. I was incredibly successful a couple days ago whipping up a Korean-style meal with ingredients lying around the house, and got so inspired that I want to do it again soon. We will see. You just cook some rice and cheat by frying up some frozen gyoza, which are Japanese dumplings like Korean Mondoo and Chinese jiaozi (pot stickers). Then you stir-fry some green onions, toasted sesame seeds, zuccini, and mushrooms in a little soy sauce and sesame oil. Put it all together, stir in some spicy Gochu Jang paste, and, there you go, yummy meal. I liked it enough that I got some Kimchee and bean sprouts to throw in next time. I'm also planning to add a little beef and an fried egg, and it wil be my very own Bi Bim Bap. I was just pleased that I could do it without a recipe. Of course, I happen to have developed a fridge that has toasted sesame seeds and Gochu Jang paste just hanging around.

Well, B is napping, so I'm going to run off and do some homework before he wakes. Happy Monday, all.

Oh yeah, Predators are now 7 and 0. That's right 7 wins and 0 losses. The Titans are still playing, so I can't report there, but let's just say that it hasn't been a good year so far for them.

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Killer Llama said...

Titans... ah Titans...

Could it be time for a coaching change? Every year the Titans get hit hard by injuries, but Fisher keeps the same strengh and conditioning coach every year.

Every year the Titans field an anemic defense, but every year the same statistically-oriented DC is calling the plays.

Every year the Titans special teams unit ranks near the bottom of the league in nearly every category except punts, and every year the same Special Teams coach returns.

Should Mac retire? Does Volek have what it takes to lead the team? Will they be able (and willing) to draft a top-level quarterback next year to groom him under Volek?

These are dark days indeed...