Monday, October 24, 2005

going androgynous

So we all know that when you start spending a lot of time with someone, you very often end up sharing traits. This could be the teen girls at the mall who toss their hair the same way, the guys on the team who have the same haircut and laugh at the same jokes, or the long-time couple who just look the same, though when they met they sure seemed different.

B and I were in this place Saturday night called Swirl. I think it is a franchise. You can get 3, maybe 4, things. You can get an apple, a frozen banana, and a frozen ice cream bar. You then have a big selection of what you want to dip the thing in - three kinds of chocolate or caramel. The dipped item then gets rolled in your choice of crushed nuts, crushed oreos, dried fruit, whatever. This is all they do.

In walk two women and a man in their mid-20s. Actually, it took me a little time to figure that out. The woman had hair slightly shorter, and the man had hair slightly longer than is stereotypical. The women looked a little more athletic, and he looked a little more soft. They looked to be about a size 10 or 12 or something, and he would have been the same if he wore dresses. I'm not talking about Pat from Saturday Night Live where you can't tell if Pat is a man or woman. It was just that he was a little more feminine (his shirt would ride up to bear a midriff) and the women were a little more masculine. They wore similar clothes - clothes I imagine wearing to a grunge concert in Seattle in the 90s, sans flannel. In short, each had grown to be a little more like the other even across the gender line. The three of them walked around the place, inspecting every display in detail but with disinterest. They checked out this sign and that sign and didn't speak much. I had the feeling that they spent so much time together that they didn't need to talk anymore. They did this for several minutes. At some point, I am thinking, "look, you just choose an apple, a banana, or an ice cream bar. You can't find a simpler concept." I should emphasize that they weren't studying the menu to choose between which crushed candy they want on their apple. They were just kind of wandering around, sizing the place up to see if it met their standards. Eventually, some sort of question was asked - was it the type of apple? - and it didn't meet their high expectations, so without a word, they moved towards the door. On the way out, I noticed that each one of them had a toothpick in their mouth, fiddling away. I had only one conclusion as they left:

These people spend a little too much time together.

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