Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Here's Random

I got some random for you:

Song of the Day in My Head: The Helping Song from the Koala Brothers. Splendid!

Child Physical Therapy report: So B was a late walker and was recommended to Easter Seals for physical therapy. He was walking really quick (actually before the first session) and today he was officially labeled "age-appropriate" on social, cognitive, gross, and fine motor skills. Go, B!

Adult Physical Therapy: Yesterday was exercise day. First, I bike about 15-20 minutes to school and then 20-25 home because I sometimes pick up B from day care. Then I joined N on her exercise walk with periodic jogs. Then we came back and did 20 push-ups (one set with B on the back and one set without), 20 sit-ups, 55 jumping jacks, and some leg lifts. N did about all of this too, except the biking. Go us.

Do beans count as healthy veggies? Cause if so, then, as they say, I'm brilliant. I'm eating a yummy bowl of black-eyed peas and andouille sausage as we speak. If not, then I'm not so brilliant.

I have no opinion of Bush' latest supreme court nominee.

I heard some calls recently from "moderate" Democrats for a Clark/Obama 2008 ticket. And some for an Obama/Clark ticket. I could get excited about that one. I really could. Most of the other tickets are like: welll, it's better than the option.

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