Monday, October 17, 2005

I suck

So my part-time job is managing an academic journal. When a decision is made by the editors, I compile the official notice and the anonymous reviews and send them on to the author. I've done a bunch of these, as we get a lot of submissions. Part of getting the reviews ready for the author is removing any information about what the reviewer recommended explicitly (though you can tell from the review almost always), as well as making sure the reviewer is anonymous. I do the same thing when a manuscript comes in, anonymizing it, finding hidden places that Word identifies them that many authors don't know about and removing them, etc. Well, today in my copy and pasting, I took a review that I had cleansed of everything that was to be cleansed and put it into the email to the author. Hit the send button. As soon as I did it, I noticed something. I still had a reviewer's last name sitting near the top. OK the reviewers name is not very name-like and could almost be a common English word, and maybe it is so buried in there the author won't notice it or won't have any idea who it is, but the conclusion is still clear. I suck. Makes me wonder if I am competent for this job. Did I say yet that I suck? I've already apologized to the Editor and there's nothing else to do now, other than make sure it doesn't happen again or get fired.


Christopher Robin said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much. As you mentioned, most of the time the authors can guess who the reviewer is. The only concern is if that reviewer really tore into the authors work. But hey, shit happens, it's not the first time something like this has happened and it won't be the last, though I'm willing to bet that you will never do it again ;)

kristybox said...

Take heart. Those who don't ever screw up don't ever really live!

Sexynerd9297 said...

what kristybox said. that's why i regt nothing in my life thusfar.

Killer Llama said...

Yes, you suck. Man, you suck. Suck, suck suck suck suck.

Really, though, if the worst that goes wrong in your day is you miss deleting one word from a document, you've had a pretty good day.

I screw up all the time, it seems. Luckily my boss is a Vietnam vet and is great at keeping things in perspective. In his view, any day someone isn't shooting at you is a good day.

Killer Llama said...


I'm responding to your political item here because the original item is a few days old.

Clark doesn't excite me. He did when he first came onto the scene, but now he rubs me as an opportunist and neophyte. I think he'd get creamed in a real political fight.

Obama I know virtually nothing about, but the buzz is that he's the real deal. I suspect he'd be a little young to actually be on a ticket; I think I'd prefer he age a few years first. Nonetheless, as a VP candidate he would certainly attract some votes.

I'm excited by Hillary. She'll never win over some people, but I think she's carving out a nice centrist niche for herself. She doesn't have Bill's innate political skills, which is a minus, but she also doesn't have his libido, which is a plus. I think a Hilary/Obama ticket would be very strong... it would take a centrist republican (McCain) to beat it.