Sunday, November 27, 2005


So I've been in school now for, what was it, 19.5 years. And, no, none of those were repeats. But I still have to tell the truth:

I confuse imminent and immanent.
Principle and principal make me think.
I'm not all that solid on lay and lie.
And I have a devil of a time knowing when to double a consonant in a verb - occurring or occuring, happening or happenning, etc.

I am so ashamed.


J said...

Lay and lie vex me as well. Someone told me, "Chickens *lay* eggs," but that doesn't help all that much. Also, I always have to look up how to spell "definitely," including just now.

Killer Llama said...

Seperate or separate?

I swore for years that condone and condemn were synonmyms.

Without Word's grammar check I'd constantly use "it's" when I should use "its".

And Smoke Signals? You don't about Smoke Signals? Take my blog address, add a "-r" after it, and see what you get. It's super secret, shhhh....

EGL said...

What causes me no end of shame is the fact that my french pen-pal corrects a lot of my errors in english. This is sad considering I only speak english and it is his third language!

Kristin said...

My problem used to be 'affect' and 'effect.' Then, I found a handy little grammar thing somewhere that said RARELY do you use the word 'effect' as a verb. So voila! I had my solution.

Maybe I was the only one with that problem...?

Lay/lie always gets me too!!!!! What Englishman came up with that fiasco of past and present tense words?