Monday, November 14, 2005

evil people sure are complicated!

Bush' right hand:

There are evil people in the world who will stop at nothing. They cannot be reasoned with. They value death more than life. They will never stop until they are killed.

Bush's left hand:

Any time someone questions the decision to go to war with Iraq, we comfort the enemy and give them courage to go on.

So, let's see. On one hand, they are irrevocably evil (which many of them are, by the way) and will stop at nothing, and on the other hand, they watch American political polls and contemplate capitulation whenever Bush's ratings go up. I get the idea that Al-Zarqawi is sitting in his house watching the satellite feed waiting for the latest speech on C-Span. Whenever, Harry Reid issues a statement in support of Bush, he cowers under the table and waits for his imminent destruction. Whenever Harry Reid opposes the Iraq war, he leaps for joy and orders another beheading.

I don't think Al-Qaida in Iraq watches your poll numbers as closely as you do, Mr. President.

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