Monday, November 07, 2005

Feel the Funk y'all

I have a particular liking for old skool funk, as the youngsters say. Sitting next to my Manchu Grammar I've got James Brown's In the Jungle Groove (You know we need it, Soul Power), Maceo Parker's Life On Planet Groove (Shake Everything you Got), and 4 Kool & the Gang CDs (Can't get enough of that funky stuff, i've tried, i've tried). I've even got little B singing Jungle Boogie (Get Down Get Down!) which is particularly apt for the following article from The Onion. Here is the first little section from the article. Follow the link to read the rest. The article reminds me of a princely gentleman instructing us on the one hand to "getya getya getya groove on" while just a few years earlier he told us of happiness if one were only to "get off." Next thing we know the Low--- Ri--- Der will "wanna take ya higher, higher!" Or as the Godfather might say "ain't it funky now?" And if it isn't you can always just "Make it Funky." But you have to be careful or it could be "too funky in here."

The Onion:

National Funk Congress Deadlocked On Get Up/Get Down Issue

CHOCOLATE CITY—After months of ceaseless debate, including last week's record 76-hour filibuster slap-bass solo from Senate Rubber Band Minority Leader Bootsy Collins (D-OH), the National Funk Congress is no closer to resolving its deadlock over the controversial "get up/get down" issue, insiders reported Monday.

"Get up-uh, get on up! Get up-uh, get on up!" shouted Getuplican Party supporters on the steps of the Capitol as the debate, as well as a massive 14-piece instrumental jam, raged within. The pro-up-getting demonstrators' chants were nearly drowned out by those of a nearby group of jungle-boogie Downocrats, who called upon all citizens to "Get down, get down!"

The bitter "get up/get down" battle, which has polarized the nation's funk community, is part of a long-running battle between the two factions, rooted in more than 35 years of conflict over the direction in which the American people should shake it.

"The time has come to face facts: To move forward, we've got to get on up, and stay on the scene, like a sex machine," said Brick House Majority Leader James Brown (G-GA), one of getting on up's most vocal supporters. "Say it loud: Only when we have gotten up offa that thing will we, as a nation, finally get back on the good foot."

Upon learning of Brown's remarks, Downocratic leaders openly questioned his commitment to getting up. Said Robert "Kool" Bell, a top-ranking Brick House Downocrat: "It is a well-known fact that Brown has, on many past occasions, urged
his supporters to get down with they bad selves. In response to his inconsistent voting record and history of waffling on this crucial issue, we will not rest until every American, as is their birthright, has gotten down."

"You got to get down," Bell added. "Hyuh!"

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Sexynerd9297 said...

that is because you are very kool, imbrace your inner soul funk-t-fied self, and let it shine!