Saturday, November 12, 2005

long weekend

We've been out and about over the last couple days. We have Veteran's Day off here, so it was a 3-day-er for us. Well, it's still Saturday, so I shouldn't have used the past tense. However tomorrow is Daddy work day, so the weekend is pretty much over.


We've been out. Yesterday afternoon, we went out towards Koko Crater Botanical Garden. It's on one of the arid sides of Oahu. The crater is, well, just that, a dormant crater, like Diamond Head and the PunchBowl Crater (the War Memorial of the Pacific is inside the Punchbowl(guess what shape it has)). Being on the desert-ish side of the island, the garden is a xeriscape, which means it's covered in plants that do well with little water. They do have a cactus garden, but it has more water than that generally, so there are plenty of flowering trees like plumeria. You enter with a plumeria grove surrounded by umm bourgainvillia's or something like that (yes, i am so lazy I refuse to look up the spelling; hey's it's my blog, so there). Then you enter the main two mile trail inside the Koko Crater. However, for B, a good rock or a stick is just as interesting as a native shrub, and so we made slow progress. In fact, we just circled the plumeria for about 40 minutes and took off. Then we went to Sandy Beach. That's the picture. It was twilight at the time, so we sat on the sand and watched the waves. The biggest excitement was a surfer who just couldn't stop and had to go out one more time in the darkness. We all began to wonder, since he could not be seen, is he coming back? When do you decide to really worry? But eventually he made his way in.

Today, we did a repeat of all that except we did it while there was light. We ended up at Makapuu Beach Park, which is just a surfing beach with crashing waves and hazard-do-not-swim signs everywhere. But the waves are magnificent with towering Makapuu Point and a lighthouse around you. We stayed there about an hour and a half or something then went back to Koko Crater Garden. Did a very European style picnic - French loaf, brie, avocado, a salad, etc. and then did the whole garden this time. It was quite nice, but I became so concentrated on lugging B and the stroller over the 2 mile loop that I didn't see much. Apparently, it all wore B out completely. He napped from 1:30 - 4:30. In fact, we are all pretty much dead. It's 8:30 and we're just trying to take it as easy as a 2 year old will let you before bed. N and B are watching Bolek and Lolek in the other room as I type this.

It's been a good weekend.

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