Saturday, November 12, 2005

officially old

Well, I think I might as well send a note to the AARP that I am ready for their representation at the ripe old age of 32, because I am now officially old. Oh, it's not because of my tragic lack of hipness. Though the fact that the only word I can come up with for that is "hipness" demonstrates that should be a factor. No, I am officially old because I have lower backpain. It started on Tuesday evening, I think. I was changing B on the diaper table, which is actually a beautiful, cherry hope chest of N's covered in a towel, when I stood up and felt this shooting pain through my lower back. That was only moderate pain though so I simple grimaced a little and went on. It seemed to get better about mid-way through the next day. That night I was giving B a bath which involves lots of hunching over of course. When I stood up from that, I was gone. I could barely walk through the pain. I moved around a bit grimacing and then suddenly turned the wrong way, let out a scream, and collapsed on the bed. I stayed there until the next day, when it had finally lessened. It keeps coming back if I am not super careful. I forgot about it Friday and started scrubbing the kitchen floor on hands and knees. Bad idea. It keeps coming and going. We will see.

Anyway, back pain makes me officially old. I'm going to start wearing black socks with shorts and penny loafers next week. I'm also gonna work on the comeover.


EGL said...

Having had it several times, accupunture is the way to get rid of back pain! Find someone to perform it and you'll feel young again.

P.S. 32 isn't old...its distinguished!

JJ said...

Back Pain is a pain in my… well… back!
I was hit by a car a few years ago and since then I have suffered a lot of lower back pain and back ache! I was on strong painkillers for awhile but then I was getting addicted to them so had to drop them before it got too bad. That was about a year ago now and since then I have been looking for alternate ways of relieving the pain and aching until a month ago I was struggling to find anything that helped but I managed to get hold of some Cheap Sleepeezee Beds and I finally got a good nights sleep! It was great!
Upon waking from my beautiful bed the relief only lasted until I got to work then the suffering began once more.
Can anyone give me any advice to ease my pain?