Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Political Islands

I've noted that almost every blog I read nowadays has a liberal bent. I'm at a University, which means most people are liberal. Whenever politics is mentioned in conversation or as I read, I hear views in the same ballpark as mine.

That's not good.

It's not good because I am liable to end up in the same little shell that Bush is in with his neo-con cronies controlling all access to him, and any access he has to other people. I tried just reading some conservative blogs, but most of those are innane. The best I have on an ongoing basis is the Charging Rino over there (see link to right) who describes himself as a moderate Republican, which typically means he likes smaller government and fiscal responsibility and then has similar social values. It's a start.

I have to be careful.

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EGL said...

Being extremely liberaly living in very liberal Chicago with liberal friends, I think my experience is similar to yours. The thing is, one of the features of my liberalism is allowing for the expression of other opinions. I don't think that sentiment is a prominent feature of the conservative Bush style republicans. The fact that you are worried about not listening or hearing other opinions assures that you will not become completely unchecked in your view points...or at the very least you will know that other opinions do exist!