Monday, November 14, 2005

Time to step away from the computer

As many of you know I work as the editorial assistant for a journal, which means I mostly shuffle electronic papers between authors, reviewers, and editors. I just forwarded a notice of rejection to one author, and you can tell they are angry. He or she has already sent three emails within 20 minutes explaining how their paper needs to be given another chance. Now, they may or may not be right, but if they don't calm down, we are going to have some annoyed editors soon and that's the very person you want on your side. The author needs to step away from their computer, go beat up something, get a good night's sleep, and only then send an email back, presenting his or her entire case. Instead we get one short email saying thank you. Then a justification of some data analysis. Then a request for a fourth reviewer. Then additional information not in the original article. This person needs to stop and go home. We will all be here tomorrow.

I get to learn with this job.

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